Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh Geez! What have I done?

It's mid April. As of yesterday, i've added about 10 yards of fabric to the stash this year. So far so good with the stash.

So much for that! I added 27.25 yards today thanks to and JoAnns. I guess I can't really blame JA's and, but i'm going to anyway.

Most of the fabric was for projects that I actually have planned, so perhaps it will get used instead of sitting in my stash for 30 years. *sigh* perhaps. I bought 5.5 yards of fleece to make a jacket for DH and his friend. They do a motorcycle bike trip every year, and he likes something embroidered and unique for the trip. I make one for both him and his friend. Two of the most manly guys I know who for some strange reason don't mind looking like twins when it comes to whatever it is I make. Go figure.

I bought about 5 yards of Tutti-Fruity fabrics from JA's. I use that to make dress for DD. While I don't actually have plans to make her anything right this minute. I'm not too worried about it, that stuff will get used.

I bought 2.5 yards of novelty US Navy print for a shirt for DH. This won't be a shirt he can go to work in, but it will be nice on BBQ days.

I bought a yard of quilting cotton for this Studio Kat purse pattern. Studio Kat has awesome patterns, BTW. (NAYY and all)

From I bought:
4 yards of poplin, 2.5 of black and white polka dot knit that i'm sure will sit in the stash for forever. 5 yards of sweater knits that I just couldn't pass up and some silk shirting for DH. The shirting is the ONLY reason I was really actually looking for fabric in the first place, and look at where it got me! Let also not forget that I added 3 cones of Talon brand serger thread to the order. Bah!

Oh well, like I said, I actaully have something planned for these fabrics, so hopefully they won't sit for too long. We'll see.

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Nicole said...

Sounds like a productive trip to JAs today. Sorry I couldn't make it. I am resisting the urge to add more to the stash right now, trying to save up to get a new machine in September. Looking forward to seeing some of your new fabrics.