Sunday, April 26, 2009

New patterns

When i'm not in the mood to sew much, I try to get inspired by buying stuff. After reading the posts on PatternReview and plenty of blogs, I don't think i'm alone.

First up is Jalie 2908. Womens stretch jeans. Since i'm pregnant, i don't think i'll be making these soon, but just by looking at the reviews, they look really cute.

Next up is Kwik Sew 3675 Once again, since i'm pregnant, I have no real use for this pattern right now. But it looks really cute. Hopefully i'll get it made up before the new baby is 9 years old.

Last but not least is Jalie 2907. Yep, the baby diapers. How cute are these things? lol Hubby wasn't too fond of the idea of reusable diapers, but too bad! They're better for the enviornment, cheaper AND better for baby.

I'm sure i'll use my fair share of disposables, but I hope these are going to be a great alternative.

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