Sunday, April 12, 2009

Butterick 5216 and a few random gripes.

My current project is Butterick 5216. I read a review on PR about how this would make a great maternity top. That reviewer wasn't lying, because so far, it fit's me well, and i'm 6 months pregnant. I really doubt that i'll be making this up again after I have the baby. The one i'm currently working on is a muslin, so i'll spare you the weird pictures. Although, if you are thinking of making this top, you have to wear a cami underneath. I don't care how uninhibited you are, you'll be showing boobs in this one!

Now for a few random gripes:

1) Pattern pieces for elastic! I'm getting really tired of this. The last 5 patterns i've made up has required elastic, and with the exception of the two Burda patterns, they all have pattern pieces for elastic. It's pissing me off! It would be a lot easier just to say in the directions: "Cut a 30 inch piece of elastic". Why can't pattern companies do this!? Instead I have to fish around for a stupid pattern piece that i've misplaced. Nice.

2) The lack of feedback. Seriously, I know I don't have the best of the most informative blog on the planet, but could you please leave feedback? Someone? Anyone? I'm starting to feel a bit lonely here. And leave my spelling errors out of it, Thanks!

Ok, I feel better now! Off to watch I Love Money and then go to bed.

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Gabriella said...

I was in Joanne's yesterday. I just needed bop in and get a yard or so of featherweight boning but I ended up buying 8 yards of the tutti frutti! So precious and at $2 a yard, so totally necessary.