Friday, June 26, 2009

My first wrap dress.

Well, here it is, my first wrap dress!

I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I know it's a bit too short. And perhaps I would like it better if my belly didn't stick out as far as it does. But for now, I think it's going to be hanging out in my closet until after the baby comes.

These dress was pretty simple to make. I don't have an actual tutorial here, but I can give you a basic idea as to how I made mine.

First, I got two 1 and 3/4 cuts of silky type fabrics. I came up with this measurement pretty much randomly. I figured a good length of fabric would wrap arounf my ody almost twice. The length I chose I think was actually pretty good. So that's probably what I will go with next time.

I cut the outer fabric (which is the print) to the length I wanted. Which was 33 inches in width.

I cut the inner fabric to 29 inches in width.

I serged all the raw edges and then serged the two pieces together at one of the selvedge edges. The garment looks fine as a skirt, but this was not my goal. I wanted a dress. These measurements are a tad bit to short for someone like me who is way pregnant, and who was a bit overweight to begin with. I will add 6 to 10 inches on the next one.

I made a belt with the leftover cut fabric. The belt was pretty long. It goes around my body almost 3 times or so. Then I just serged that onto the two triangles I had previously serged together.

You can see a video on how to tie these wrap skirts/dresses here on youtube.

I think these dresses are really fun and versitile. I am definetly going to be making more. ANd I know people get down on the silky poly stuff from JoAnns, but really, I think some of that stuff would be perfest for this. All those loud, vibrant prints? They too can be beautiful! lol

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pterion said...

I think it looks very cute on you!