Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm so Dissappointed! *SOBS*

So, there is a new JoAnns in my area (it's 19 miles from my house.  That's "in the area" where I live).  I have not been to a JoAnns since I moved to North Carolina back in November because there just wasn't one near me.  The nearest one was 80 miles away in Winston-Salem.  So, imagine my excitment when I found out they were opening a new JAs in Moorsville, NC! I actually drove the 19 miles there before I even realized they were not open yet.  And just so see that it was actually there, the drive wasn't a disappointment. 

Then it happened.  I was actually able to get the the store while it was open.  I'm so disappointed!  First, there is the usual amout of fleece in the store.  When I lived in Michigan, I kind of understood the logic behind having so much fleece in the stores.  But this is NC, it's been 80 every day since mid-Feburary.  Now it's 90-100 and I doubt it's going to cool off until at least September.  Guess what they didn't have?  A single swimsuit print. Oh well, here I come, I guess! Second, the store is tiny.  Once there, I realized the store wasn't one of their etc... stores, it was just a small fabric and craft store.  Which amazes me because this area is being built up so fast, that I can't imagine that the population can't support a superstore.  Maybe they have a bigger store slated for closer to Charlotte?  I can hope, right? lol

Oh well, I guess I can continue to hit the local Hancocks when I need notions, and then to continue to support my ever growing list of online retailors when I want a fabric fix.


glorm said...

You have my sympathy. I do know the feeling as I couldn't find anything that was bottom weight nor anything in a blend for a blouse. Of course, tons of fleece. Whenever we are in southern California I check Walmart and they have tons of fleece all year long. What do they think people are doing with all this fleece?

NRB said...

Ugh! I was just at that Joanns today. I recently moved from Pittsburgh where we had an AWESOME go-to for everything except designer stuff. Where is the Hancocks? I'm in Denver so Huntersville and Mooresville are pretty much equidistant from my house, but I'm always willing to travel for fabric stores!

Did you sewing group ever materialize?

Tina said...

There are Hancocks all over, seems like. But the one nearest to me is on Gilead Rd and I-77. There is also one in Hickory, which may or may not be closer to you depending on where you are at in Denver.

The sewing group never really materialized, mostly because it's so hard to find good space. Everything I could find was really expensive.