Monday, February 27, 2012

La Mia Boutique August 2009 Design 21

Just because someone at some point might be interested...

This is design 21 from the August 2009 La Mia Boutique.  I ran it through a translator, and it's not perfect.  But if it saves someone some time by not having to type all that stuff into a translator it might be usable to someone.  Also, I didn't attempt to clean it up.  What you see is what the translator gave me.


sovrapporre i due pannelli foulard aperti e appuntare le parti indicate mettendo la parte 1 con il centro davanti e il centro dietro sul contorno del pannello, come mostra schema, tagliare aggiungendo cm 1 per i margini di cucitura; aggiungere cm 1 per gli orli del contorno del dietro e davanti e tagliare al netto al semicerchio laterale del fondo del dietro e davanti.

superimpose the two panels open and scarf pin the parts indicated by placing the part 1 with the center front and center behind the edge of the panel, as shown in diagram, cut by adding1 cm for seam allowances and add 1 cm to the edges of theboundary behind and in front of the net and cut the semicircle side of the bottom of the back and front.
DAVANTI - rifinire il contorno superiore del dietro e davanti (scollo, scalfo e apertura centro dietro) con un orlino ripiegato e impunturato.
Sovrappore le due parti del dietro e davanti e cucire il centro davanti; rifinire i margini uniti con zig-zag, stirarli verso sinistra e rivoltare.
FRONT - finish the upper contour of the back and front (neck,armhole and center back openingwith a folded and stitched hem.

Superimpose the two sides of the front and back and sew thecenter frontfinishing the edges together with a zig-zag, stretch them and turn left.
cucire le due parti della coulisse, come fatto per il davanti.
rifinire le estremita della coulisse con un orlino ripiego e impunturato. sovrapporre la coulisse al segno indicato sul favanti, rientrare i margini e cucirla ai lati con impuntura in costa, molleggiando il lato superiore tendendo quello inferiore, in modo da modellarlo alla forma indicata sul davanti.
inserire l'elastico nella coulisse, regolarlo sulla persona, si consigliano cm 31(33 - 35 - 37) e fissarlo al centro davanti con una cucitura; poi appuntare la estemita a quelle della coulisse, arricciando cosi il davanti e formando le coppe del seno.
piegare il vertice della coppe del seno sul rovescio, al tratteggio indicato, e ribatterlo nell'angolo, con sopraggitto a mano, formando il passaggio per il laccio della bretella.

sewing the two sides of the slideas done for the front.

trim the ends of the drawstring with a parachute stitched hem.superimposing the mark indicated on the slide favantiback and sew the edges to the sides with topstitching on edge, bouncing the top holding the bottomso as to mold to the shape shown on the front.
inserting the elastic in the hemadjust it to the person, we advisecm 31 (33 - 35 - 37) and fasten the center front with a seam, thenpin the drawstring to those of the extremitiesso the front wrinklingand forming the breast cups .

fold the top of the cups on the underside of the breastto hatchindicatedand type it in the corner, with a whip stitch by hand,forming the transition to the loop of the strap.
piegare il laccio del dietro a meta e cucire il lato lungo; rivoltare e infilare un estremita del laccio del fermo metallico. inserire l'estremita sfilata de ogni laccio alla relativa estremita della coulisse, com elastico; quindi fissare tutti gli strati sul diritto del davanti, ripassando sull'impuntura del contorno.
preparare i lacci delle bretelle, come spiegato per quelli del dietro. infilare ciascun laccio nel ripiego del vertice della coppa del seno e poi infilare le estremita in un unico fermo metallico, formando cosi una bretella da allacciare allo scollo del dietro.

bend the strap of the back half and sew the long sideturn and slip a noose ends of the metal clipenter the parade ends of eachstrap on the ends of the drawstringelastic comthen fix all thelayers on the right of the front, going sull'impuntura contour.

prepare the laces of braces, as explained for those in the back.put each string in the top of the makeshift Cup and then thread the ends into a single metal clipthus forming a strap to fasten to the back of the neck.
Piegare il dietro e davanti a meta e cucire il centro dietro, come spiegato per il davanti.
ORLI - Rifinire semicerchio laterale del fondo del dietro e davanti con punto cordoncino (fitto e basso zig-zag).
Rifinire il fondo del davanti e quello del dietro con un orlino ripiegato e impunturato.

Fold the rear and front half and sew the center back, as explained for the front.

HEMS - Finish semicircular side of the bottom of the back andfront with satin stitch (tight zig-zag and low).

Trim the bottom of the front and the back with a folded and stitchedhem.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sewing Block, A Discovery...

OK, so maybe not a huge discovery.  More like pissing and moaning...anyway...

For the last few months I just haven't had it in me to sew much.   I've tried, oh how I've tried.  I have a few patterns cut out.  I have a few things traced.  I have a considerable amount of adjustments on one paper pattern. I have a pair of jeans and a purse cut that's just sitting there because I lost interest.  I made a few Barbie outfits the other day (Manly because I paid $23 for 6 hootchie looking outfits and I won't be doing that anymore.  But DD insists that she can't play with naked Barbies).  I made one big pregnant clown wadder.  Ugh!  I have the new MyImage here that I just fell in love with the second I saw it.  And I got two back issues of La Mia Boutique in the mail today.

There seems to be inspiration everywhere.  I can't get nothing finished.  Shit, I can't get nothing started.  Well, I take that back.  I also have a few UFOs hanging around.  Laughing at me...

I think I know why; I hate my stash!  For the last two weeks I've been in and out of my stash closet trying to find something that might be appropriate for whatever it is I feel like doing.  Turns out, among the big huge pile of crap, I have very little that I actually like.  Sure, the stuff I bought or was gifted in the last two years I really like, but I've also been sewing more of the newer stuff up, so the 'nicer' stuff doesn't seem to hang around as long.  What's eating me up I think is the 400 or so yards of crap I bought previous to the last two years is just getting in the way and I can't see past it.

I know I need to purge. But although I hate a lot of it, for some reason I can't bear to get rid of it.

My pattern stash is out of control too.  However, that doesn't seem to bother me as much.  Also, since I've been feeling really uneasy about the sheer amount of shit I have, I have managed to move all the patterns from my very cramped closet to out in the garage.  Hopefully this will at least give me a little more access to my fabric.  That is, if you don't count the tubs I have in one of my DDs closets that I can't get to when she's in her room sleeping.  :/

Sorry about the rant, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Image Spring/Summer 2012

LOVE!  That's all I can say about this issue!  I wasn't aware how much I loved it until I got it in my hot little hands this afternoon.   As a matter of fact, I loved it so much, I also bought the kids issue.  Now that's love, because I don't really sew for my kids.

My Image Magazine

This has got to be the first time I have ever bought a pattern magazine and wanted to make most of what was in it.  Actually, I want to make everything in it except for the two pairs of pants.  I don't know where i'm even going to begin.  Might be M1212.

I'm just so happy to be excited about sewing again!

On a side note, if you know where I can get a copy of the August 2010 La Mia Boutique, leave a comment please. I've been looking high and low for this issue with no luck.