Saturday, July 16, 2011

My latest fabric haul

This is my latest haul.  17 yards of 'bought on a whim' fabrics, and I have never been so pleased with an order.  I have a TON of stash.  But in one area i'm lacking is woven prints.  So, was having a 30% off sale, and I bought some woven prints.  Ok, and one solid and the two on the bottom left are knits.  But I got 4 cuts of woven prints.  It was all cheap too!  I got 17 yards of fabric and a Colette pattern (Ceylon) for $61. 

The down side is that this puts me over 100 yards in for the year, and it's only mid-July.  :(  I have been sewing a bit though.  I think i'm at 75 yards out already for the year, so i'm not doing too bad.  I just have to stop with the shopping sprees!  (Did I mention this was my second order from this month?  Oh, and that one small order from Fabric Mart...)

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