Monday, May 4, 2009

Seriously, what have I done part 2...

I have been on my own little shopping spree for the last few weeks. I don't know what's gotten into me. But I think I better find a way to control it or we're going to end up living in a box eating Ramen noodles every night.

I have been trying to stay away from buying vintage patterns for some time now. Mostly because I have plenty of other crap I horde. But the bug finally got to me last night. Ready for this, I bought a lot of 120 patterns off of eBay. Auction YAY me! Now, if I could only find a place to store them.

Actually, I do have a plan. I saw a few in the picture that I actually do like. I am going to save those, and then probably try and sell the rest. We'll see when we get here, as I have no idea even what kind of shape these are in.

A week or so ago I posted that I had bought a few patterns from PR. Well, one of those patterns was for baby diapers. Well, I don't have any PUL fabic, so naturally, I had to buy some of that. I ordered 2 yards of white PUL from WAHM I have neever heard of them, but they were by far the best price. I also bought two sling rings, because I want to make a baby sling.

As for today, I have to go to Michaels because I have to get beads to finish the Boho bag. I have a zillion beads in my stash, just nothing that matches or that will fit the cording. So off I go, hopefully to end my shoping spree! lol

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