Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Sack Series!

Well alrighty, here is dress three is what i'm calling my 'sack series'.

The first dress was from the June 2011 Burda.  Design 113:

The second dress is also from the June Burda issue:  Design 107:
Yes, I am aware that it looks like a prison uniform from the fro-fro womens facility, but it's linen and a billion degrees here.  You can't beat it!

Last but not least is Kwik Sew 3681:
I'm not entirely sure what's going on witht he silly look on my face, but it is what it is.  I like this dress.  It's especially cute witht he belt from the dress in the first pic.  (I didn't want to bug DH for more pics.  I got what I got and i'm happy about it! lol )  I might actually make this one agian. 

I'm sorry to say that now that I have a few new dresses that I can just toss on, it's time to move on (back) to something I really don't feel like doing.  The robe.  Ugh!  I need a robe so bad though, the one I have is falling apart.  I had started the robe a few months ago, but I didn't ahve enough fabric.  I had to order a few different pieces of fabric from Fabric.com.  I still can't find the right color.  I think what i'm just going to do is just dye it when i'm finished. 

Also...  I'm so damn excited I could pee!  They built a new JoAnns near(er) to me in Mooresville, NC!  This one is only about 20 miles away.  I can't wait to go there! 


glorm said...

Now those look like great hot weather dresses. Yeah, I know you didn't ask, but maybe you can add something to the pink dress to make it look less prison like: a lace collar, some other trim at the neckline, some embroidery, or the right jewelry. :)

Tina said...

You want to know what *I* think it needs? A big, fat palm tree made out of hot fix crystals! lol I'm seriously thinking about it.