Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Mia Boutique Translations

All of a sudden I find myself really interested in teh LaMia Boutique patterns.  Unfortuanitly, I don't speak Italian.  So, as I translate some of the terms, i'll be putting them here.  As of now, this is a short list, but as I get more translated, i'll add them here.  However, due to time restraints and the fact that I lose interest quickly, this may be short list. If you have anythig you like to add, just leave it in the comments and i'll add it to the list.

Arancione = Orange
Azzurro = Blue
Nero = Black
Rosa = Red
Verde = Green

Altezza = Length
Arricciare = Gather
Confezione = Directions (Manufacture, dressmaking)
Davanti = Front
Dietre = Back
Centro Davanti intero Diritto Filo = Center right front
Scalfi = Arm holes
Spalla destra = Right shoulder
Spalla sinistra cucitura = left shoulder seam
tagliare l'elastico in due parti uguali di cm...  = Cut elastic into equal parts
tessuto doppio intero = Fold of fabric
occorrente = materials needed
Orlo = Hem
Piegare = Fold

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