Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is so hard about shipping?...

...And why do some places get a free pass?

Some of you may remember a few months ago me bitching that it was taking forever to get patterns that I ordered from SewingPatterns.com.  This seems to be a common isssue with them and the whole world seems to know it.  No one is suprised when someone makes a "where are my patterns?" thread on PR when it somes to SewingPatterns.com.

Well, now i'm having a simular issue with everyones beloved HotPatterns.  Last month I ordered a pattern from their Esty site.  Three emails later, i'm still waiting for the pattern. You know, just by reading their feedback and from some of the threads on PR, this seems to be an issue with HP too.  Why is it ok for HP to be all slow to ship, but not for SP.com?  I understand that the owners of HP seem to be really nice people, but is that a good enough excuse for shitty customer service?  And yes, I consider a month to mail goods shitty customer service.

I have only made one HP pattern (I have 5 of 6 in the stash) but I know that it took a while to get that pattern.  And when I finally did get it, it was drafted poorly (another gripe for another post).  I know i'm not the only one to ever have this issue with them.  But yet they seem to get away with it. I don't get it, why is it ok for HP, but not for SP.com.  And let's be realistic, if Fabric.com took longer than 4 days to ship, we would be all over that too.  So, why so much love for HP?

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