Monday, April 4, 2011

My Image M1106 Dress

Uh, yeah.  So I decided that I want to make M1106 from the spring/summer issue of My Image magazine. 

It's not really clear weither this design is made for knits or wovens, so I went ahead and made it in a woven.  Here are my observations: 

  • *I* need to go up a size (or even two).  This could be due to the fact that i'm slightly delusional about what size I am to begin with. 
  • Make a facing for the neckline cutout.  There is no way you're going to get a narrow hem in there.
  • This dress is short.  I added 3 inches to the dress in the picture, and I didn't hem this version -- so, we're talking mini skirt here. 
  • If you made this in a knit, you could probably get away with out the zipper.
  • My Image instructions suck. 
Needless to say that even with the few problems I had, I think i'm going to try this again.  Either in a bigger size, or in a knit.  I bet this would be really cute if it wasn't so snug. 

1 comment:

Rose said...

Great job on the dress! You look wonderful wearing it.