Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The vintage pattern contest

So, as most of you probably already know, Pattern Review is having a vintage contest in May.  I have decided that i'm going to join in on this one, and I might actually make an attempt to win this time.  I have a few lovely patterns picked out, but I can't really decide for sure which one to use.

First up, and so far, my first choice is Anne Adams 1625.  The fabric I chose to go with it is from

My other three choices are:

Mail order 2684:

Mail Order 2827: Honestly, I just love this design. BUt like I said, I might be actually making an effort to win this thing, and I don't think this design has what it takes.

Mail Order 4792:  Another of my favorites, and I HAD the perfect fabric picked out for, but some sneeky ass stole it from me!! (It was listed on Etsy for like 15 hours.  Nothing ever sells on Esty in 15 hours!)

So, there are my choices.  There is a poll over there to the right.  If you have an opinion, go ahead and vote!

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