Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Simplicity 3775, birthdays, etc...

Yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Hubby got me a popcorn maker which i've been begging for for like, forever.
Then we went and had a big fat steak at the steak house. Yumm!

Simplicity 3775 and the odd sleeve cap...

So, I went to make S3775 for the second time. I originally made view D a few months back. This time I decided to make veiw A, because I wanted a longer sleeve. When I went to cut the fabric for the dress, I see that there are two different sleeves, with two different caps. Hmmm.

Why is that? I ended up just extending the sleeve from view D, and the sleeve fits fine, and there doesn't seem to me a lot of extra ease because of it either. The bodice pieces are the same, so I can't see why the pieces are different. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, here is a pic of the finished dress. I just love the fabric!

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Lynnelle said...

The dress is amazing!! I love the binding around the neck and the print fits it just right. Nice job, you sewing person, you!