Sunday, December 7, 2008

Embroidery woes

About a year ago, I bought a embroidery machine. I bought a Janome MemoryCraft 300E. This machine gets great reviews, that's why I bought it. I bought it used, and it still wasn't cheap. Anyhow, they don't tell you there is a learning curve to embroidery. I am still having problems with my technique, although it's getting better.

I have Embird sortware with their font engine and digitizer. There is a learning curve with that too.

Anyhow, most of my problems have to do with lettering. I couldn't get a decient letter sample until about a week ago. I'm still not sure what i'm doing right to improve my techniques, but something is working.

So far, I am trying to use the rubber shelf paper in the hoop. Technique from embroidery Library..

I've been through a half dozen different stableizers. And so far the best options have been to use a medium weight on the bottom and some sort of sticky tear away on the top. Although, anyone who has ever used tearaway on the top knows it can be a real bitch to get all that paper out of your design.

I bought some wet-n-set from JoAnns a while ago.(not to be confused with wet-n-stick, which I have never used) This stuff is terrible. It holds like cement and you can't get it off of your design.

I just ordered 5 yards of water soluable from I should be getting that in a few days. However, I may not always what to get everything I embroider wet to remove the stableizer. So, i'll be looking for another method as well, I suppose. Suggestions are always welcome.

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