Monday, November 17, 2008

SNOW SUCKS and endless combinations....

Seriously? What is this shit? I hate snow!! We got about 3 inches of it today. Fitting considering that we have just basically made up our minds to go to North Carolina. It's all a sick joke, i'm sure. Bastards! *shakes fists*

In sewing news, I have been working on
Kwik Sew 3193 for what seems like FOREVER. I just can't get into it. This was supposed to be my base garment for the endless combinations contest on pattern review. However, after reading the rules, you don't have to make your garments in order, so i'm moving on to a Simplicity top in a cool black and silver sweater knit. It should come together easly, so hopefully i'll get my mojo back. Eh, if not, it won't be the first contest i've entered and failed to meet the requirements.

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