Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The February Five

Just putting this out there...

I plan on losing 5 pounds in February. That may not seem like a lot to some of you, but I think it's an attainable goal.

I think that my be the problem for a lot of us, we set our goals to high, and then when we don't reach them fast enough we start to fail. For example, when someone proclaims "I want to lose 40 pounds!' Is that really attainable? After a few months, sure, but it's not going to happen overnight. And I think that leaves a whole lot of room for discouragement. So, my goal for the whole month of February is going to be 5 pounds. I think that's an attainable goal, don't you?

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knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

That is a very attainable goal. Good luck. I'm halfway there. Today at my weigh-in I was down 2.6! I'm going to join you in the February Five!