Friday, February 3, 2012

My Image Spring/Summer 2012

LOVE!  That's all I can say about this issue!  I wasn't aware how much I loved it until I got it in my hot little hands this afternoon.   As a matter of fact, I loved it so much, I also bought the kids issue.  Now that's love, because I don't really sew for my kids.

My Image Magazine

This has got to be the first time I have ever bought a pattern magazine and wanted to make most of what was in it.  Actually, I want to make everything in it except for the two pairs of pants.  I don't know where i'm even going to begin.  Might be M1212.

I'm just so happy to be excited about sewing again!

On a side note, if you know where I can get a copy of the August 2010 La Mia Boutique, leave a comment please. I've been looking high and low for this issue with no luck.

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