Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stay At Home and Sew Saturday.

Since I have NO life, and I no longer go out on Saturday night anymore, I am going to have Stay At Home and Sew Saturday.  It's kind of like the Friday Night Sew-In (if you haven't signed up already, what are you waiting for, an invitation?), except you don't have to sign up, I don't have prizes, it will be on Saturday.  See, exactly like FNSI!

Anyway, tonight i'll be working on part of my mini-swap.  I'm going to be making NL 6648, view A. I am going to be making both my tops for the mini swap from this pattern.  I was going to make View A in a print and View D in a solid, but turns out I didn't have the solid fabric.  So, i'll be making 2 of View A, and both will be in a print. 

Fun, fun!

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