Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A girl's gotta stash something!

For the last few months I haven't been very interested in fabric buying. The more I think about about that, the more i'm starting to realize that it's ok to not buy everything I like. Don't get me wrong, i've bought about 8 or 9 yards already this year. But i've already sewn 4 of what i've bought, and i've sewn another 8 yards, for a total of 12 yards out already. These are promising numbers for me! Now if I can keep this momentum up, i'll be good.

HOWEVER, yes, you knew that was coming. I've always heard that usually when you drop one vice you pick up another. SO true! Now i'm buying patterns. This typically isn't an issue for me when they're the $1 JoAnn special. This isn't the case right now. So far this year i've already bought probably 20 big 4 patterns but i've also bought 2 Hot Patterns, one Jalie and one Kayla Kennington pattern. (Isn't it beautiful!?) These are pricey patterns. That wouldn't been an issue if I sewed (is that a word?) every pattern I bought, but chances are, the pattern is just going to wind up in my stash, never to be seen again.

I won't even mention the January La Mia Boutique i'm pinning for.

Now, I will say though, and this is mainly for my own personal record, I bought the Jalie and Kayla Kennington pattern today from I really didn't want to because i've read so many bad things about their ship time, but the price of the KK pattern was $12 cheaper than anywhere else, and PR was out of the Jalie pattern until next month. Hopefully I won't have to wait long for the patterns. Beacuse, yanno, i'm in a big hurry to bury them in my stash!

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