Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm pissed off at my stash!

..And i'm currently giving it Angry Eyes... >:(

So anyway, I finally decide to join the rest of the sewing world and make Vogue 8379. I had a nice fabrc picked out and was ready to go. Well, I notice that the pattern says I need 2 1/2 yards of fabric. I only had 2 1/4 of my chosen fabric. No problem, I said. I can make it work.

Well, apparently, no I can't make it work! I tried everything. I even traced extra pieces so that I could try and place each individual piece. NO luck. Nothing I tried worked.

Well, I took the high road and decided that i'll just go find something else in my stash. Can you believe that I have 555 (no kidding) yards of stash and not a single piece of stash is either long enough or inspiring enough? Friggen amazing! I need more knit prints, that's what I need! That's it, more fabric. The answer to all my troubles. Although, next time i'll be buying 2 1/2 cuts. lol

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