Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patrones Magazine

I got my very first issue of Patones magazine the other day. I have to say that i'm not all that impressed. My opinion is that Burda WOF is way better, not only design wise, but pricewise too.

I read somewhere that offers the Patrones subscription for something like $400 a year. I hope i'm wrong, because I would not pay half that for the magazine. If you want my opinion, if you want to subscribe to a magazine, I would go with Burda. (Which you can get from GLP News)

I will say for those who are not falmiliar, this magazine is published in Spanish. The patterns are a lot like Burda -- pattern sheets that have to be traced, stapled to the center of the magazine. One thing I don't like is that as far as I can tell, the Patrones doesn't have the line drawing for the garments in the issue. I'll go back and look again, but I couldn't find them. Oh well.

I leave you with a few pics from the design page. Sorry, they're bad pics, but I dont' ahve a scanner. Also, if you're interested, I believe this is the Jan 2010 issue, although, i'm not entirely sure.

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mistof said...

this issue was not a good example,
but the one of November was super(Chanel suit,Westwood dress)
The last 2 years there are only a few issue with topdesigner patterens