Friday, March 13, 2009

Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer

Normally I try and stay away from 'extra' pattern magazines and patterns that I don't have easy access to. But for some reason the Spring/Summer issue of Burda Easy Fashion sucked me right in! I couldn't help it. I have been searching high and low for a dress pattern like this

So, naturally I head on over to GLP News to see if I can order the magazine from there. Boy, they sure are accomidating! lol Just as a side note, you can order the regular Burda WOF magazines from them too. I have used them for the last few years, and I reccomend them if you are looking for WOF.

Anyway, for $15, you get 2 issues of easy fashion. That's not bad, considering the price included first class shipping from Germany. I'm not sure about shipping times. Hopefully the magazine will get here soon, as I am looking forward to making a dress from the above top pattern. As many of you know, i'm pregnant. I figure that now would be the best time for me to have a top like this since it's the first, and probably ONLY time i'll ever have boobs! lol Wish me luck, and i'll post an update when the magazine arrives!

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