Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random stuff and McCalls 5651

I finished up one view of McCalls 5651. I made view I, the slip. It was real easy, and came out well. I didn't post a pic, or review on PR because it's for DH's eyes only. :D

I used a stretch lace fabic that has been hanging out in the stash for a few years. I went to iron it out before I cut, and just barely touched the iron to the fabric, when the iron scorched a big hole in the fabric! I have never had that happen before. So, I had tons of scorched fabric stuck to my iron, and I found this tip to remove it. Dryer sheets! Set your iron to high, and iron over dryer sheets. You may have to use more than one, and I HIGHLY reccomend that you put a scrap piece of fabric on your ironing board first, because the dryer sheet sent runs. I don't think i'll ever get the srong perfumy sent out of the basement.

My next project is going to be McCalls 9576. It's a reversable fleece jacket. For the last three years, i've been wearing a Detroit Lions jacket. Now theat they're 0-6, i've realized that they are losers, and I should probably ditch the jacket. Bummer.

I also need to consider making a dress to wear to my friend Jennys wedding. She's in South Carolina, and I haven't seen her in about 4 years. Well, hubby and I are heading down that way next month! YAY! Due to circumstances behond her control, she's been having a tough time setting a date for her wedding. Turns out, she's going to get married when we're down there! Soo, I need a dress. I think i'm going to use a pattern that i've already used, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'll post an update in a few days.

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